Life with its ups and downs can turn anyone crazy. I’m usually so angry when something bad happens to me, specially if I think I don’t deserve it (which is most of the times). This anger does me no good. Let’s say that in such occasions I’m not a person to share a mug of tea in harmonious calm. Nevertheless, after anger always comes deep melancholy. And guess what. Melancholy taught me to be optimistic. When you are drown in the waters of your own anguish you can hear nothing, you can see no nothing. Everything is transformed in this shiny, turbid, colorful mess. And it’s so beautiful as apurple twilight. Then you feel there’s still some kind of hope. In beauty is possible find good odds. Because life has space for everything, I suppose. It has even empty spaces for us to fill them. Here I show you mines but,  what are your own spaces for? Are they wide, tiny? Do you have tons of them, so many that you forget about them? Or do you have a reasonable number of spaces, those that you know you will always like?




Macaroni or Spagetti?


Sometimes is just about that. Macaroni or spaguetti. Preferences make us unique. And it’s important to remind that these are our own. We don’t need to share them with the ones we love. Because, if you really like it, you enjoy it alone. Without explanations, reasons, logic or regret. Preferences are freedom. And sometimes it feels so good when we speak them out. So, what do you prefer?

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10 years



Finishing a degree doesn’t feel as something espectacular nowadays. My highschool was located in one of the most insipid suburbs of Madrid. However, in my class there were just few people who didn’t go to university. I think this is because the educational system has been transformed into this boring, predictable path in which you are guided step by step. There is always someone watching you don’t cross it to get lost in the jungle of imagination and free-thinking. So, as I was saying, when you finsih university you don’t listen to angels and cherubs playing harps and singing in great delight for your triumphs. Instead, you hear this hoarse, wicked voice saying: “Well, yeah, and now what?”. And then someone comes and asks you “What do you want to do for a living?” or worse “How do you see yourself after ten years”? 

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I suppose we have not been introduced properly.There is this thing called “About” in this blog. If you click it you can know stuff about the person writing this. But I didn’t want to do this “About” page too long, so I just told a few things. Not that I like to talk about myself long and calmly neither. Nevertheless, it’s always polite to say hello, to say: hey, nice to meet you.

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From outside the wall


It was the end of April but in the North there is no Spring. It was just me wondering around lonely places. Miles of dusty pahts and old grass. Ancient trees without leaves, as  senile men without teeth. And the silence, the undeniable host of these lands. While I was pacing the meadows, I stumbled into a goat’s skull. I raised my eyes and I noticed a deer, looking at me from the distance.


Time Line



Time line

As everyone, I have this collection of (let’s call them so) ‘Grand Moments in my life’. I consider my life to be quite short yet, but still I can recall nine of this great ocassions. For me living is like swiming in this deep sea full of other souls, things I cannot explain, experiences in the neutral sense of the word… If I am not lost in the affairs then I am lost in my own dreams. I don’t usually recollect the past and when I do there are just flashes (often attached to emotions) that hit me like lightning. But sometimes it is good to take a rest and reflect about things using, for instance, a logical time line. What are your own Grand Moments? Those which will be recorded for sure in the Book of Your Life? Do you have many of them, is your life full of unbelievable casualities and surprising events? Or do you have just few but really meaninful ones? 

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