I suppose we have not been introduced properly.There is this thing called “About” in this blog. If you click it you can know stuff about the person writing this. But I didn’t want to do this “About” page too long, so I just told a few things. Not that I like to talk about myself long and calmly neither. Nevertheless, it’s always polite to say hello, to say: hey, nice to meet you.

I am twenty-one and I just finished my studies a week ago. That’s why I opened this blog, although I am not new at all when it comes to blogging. I studied languages at university because when I was seventeen I thought it would allow me to travel all over the world, which has been always my dream. So far, life has proved me that shy seventeen-year-old girl I was once was right. Although the British Isles have become my recurrent destiny for the moment.

What I want to do for a living? I want to become a writer. Well, in the strict sense of the word I suppose I’m already a writer. I write and I have published books. Nevertheless, if I say “I want to become” it sounds more… humble. And it’s confortable. Becaushe then I don’t have to excuse myself for not trying to be mor disciplined in this matter. Because “I want to be a writer” is part of the misterious uncertain future in which things happen just because of the will of careless, inconsiderate gods.

I am shy at first sight, it doesn’t feel always easy to interact with a large group of unknown people. Although when I meet someone I can talk to things go so much easier. Talking. I like talking a lot. My interests are quite wide so usually I can find a topic for sharing with the other person. And more than talking, I love listening, specially if there is something new I can learn about or (even better) a good story I might use after in my own stories. Life is a pond where artists go fishing inspiration, I think that someone has already said something similar.

I’m a bit chaotic, specially when I’m working (that is, writing or drawing). But at the same time I’m quite tidy and I like cleaniless. If I’m in the mood I can enjoy even doing house-work. Sometimes it feels like meditation, cleaning things and collecting them to preserve order,

Hobbies and passions… Well, I like literature and reading, of course. Trains are the places where I practice this. My literary likes are as wider as my conversational ones, so let’s say there have been just few books I have abandoned unfinished so far. I also like drawing, art in general. I love cinema and watching movies. I am of these people who prefer going to watch a black and white Polish film with subtitles than the last Hollywood’s blockbuster. But no offense if you don’t share my enthusiasm because I also enjoy going to the cinema alone. And my other passion is walking. I also like running and I try to do so everyday because the feeling after that is great. But walking is wonderful because I can do it for hours and hours. Alone or with a companion, it is always a good excuse to reflect and divague, and that again means more inspiration.

My favourite colour is red, because it means energy and passion to me. My favourite food… is chocolate. But not too much, just a little dark chocolate piece under the tongue. I also love tea.

I’m hard-working, sometimes vain, eccentric, egocentric when it comes to art, passionate, obssesive, perfectionist, creative, a moaner when I am sad, temperamental, rebellious, shy. However, I believe people can change to improve if that is their whish. So this long string of adjectives may change in a year, in a month… tomorrow.

Anyway, as I was saying in the beginning, nice to meet you.


So I'm listening...

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