Macaroni or Spagetti?


Sometimes is just about that. Macaroni or spaguetti. Preferences make us unique. And it’s important to remind that these are our own. We don’t need to share them with the ones we love. Because, if you really like it, you enjoy it alone. Without explanations, reasons, logic or regret. Preferences are freedom. And sometimes it feels so good when we speak them out. So, what do you prefer?


I prefer getting up early than going to bed at dawn.

I prefer my curly hair to straight hair.

I prefer boys with glasses.

I prefer breakfast than lunch.

I prefer porridge.

I prefer travelling.

I prefer cats.

I prefer going to the cinema than playing videogames.

I prefer walking than taking public transport.

I prefer imagination to banality.

I prefer the piano.

I prefer Bethoveen to Mozart.

I prefer rock to pop.

I prefer tears to fake smiles.

I prefer pain to deceitful pleasure.

I prefer sobriety to excess.

I prefer Virginia Woolf to Jane Austen.

I prefer discipline to laziness.

I prefer Winter to Summer.

I prefer doing things on my own than buying them.

I prefer no sugar in my tea.


One thought on “Macaroni or Spagetti?

  1. I prefer… macaroni!! Just like u ;3
    I think the picture’s lovely!
    Couldn’t agree more with your reflexion. Choices make us. So we should not be afraid of taking decisions. ^^ Life is funnier when unexcpected.

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