Life with its ups and downs can turn anyone crazy. I’m usually so angry when something bad happens to me, specially if I think I don’t deserve it (which is most of the times). This anger does me no good. Let’s say that in such occasions I’m not a person to share a mug of tea in harmonious calm. Nevertheless, after anger always comes deep melancholy. And guess what. Melancholy taught me to be optimistic. When you are drown in the waters of your own anguish you can hear nothing, you can see no nothing. Everything is transformed in this shiny, turbid, colorful mess. And it’s so beautiful as apurple twilight. Then you feel there’s still some kind of hope. In beauty is possible find good odds. Because life has space for everything, I suppose. It has even empty spaces for us to fill them. Here I show you mines but,  what are your own spaces for? Are they wide, tiny? Do you have tons of them, so many that you forget about them? Or do you have a reasonable number of spaces, those that you know you will always like?




So I'm listening...

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