I am



It’s taking me literally hours to write this post. Somehow I’m afraid of writing about who I am. Well, I know I’m not the only person in the world with this kind of doubts. ‘Existential doubts’ they call them. I used to think aloud so much when I was a teenager. I believed it made me look cool when I was with my friends. But afterall, here I am, and those questions, specially the eternal who am I? scares me to death. When I think about it I only see this desolated wintery landscape. White mountains, white sky, white ground. When everything is covered by the snow of uncertainty, how you really know there is actually something under it? Is faith the answer? Wow, here we are approaching another difficult matter, spirituality, and it’s too much for a single day, sorry. And if you feel those speculations have nothing to do with you… then please, just tell me, who are you?

I am woman of 21, I want it or not.

I am an artist who is truly afraid of doing what she really loves.

I am the only one who will be with me forever beyond death and still I dislike myself.

I am a disciplined person when in fear, a slothful one when I don’t see the handwriting on the wall.

I am an egoist when I am think I am the only character in my own story.

I am not a poet and today is not my best day and that explains the previous five lines.



So I'm listening...

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