Madrid’s Book Fair

book fair1


book fair2


Yesterday I was in the Madrid’s Book Fair (La Feria del libro, vamos). Although this is an annual event here, it’s been like… six year since last time I went. Why?

1. Usually it’s deadly hot. And I can’t stand it.

2. Far too many people. I can’t stand it either.

3. They always have the same books, bet-selleres and all that, and it’s boring. Plus, lately books are pretty expensive, so I usually think over a lot before buying one. (I love libraries).

But this year it was different…



This year I decided to go because two of my favourite writers were there, Gabriella Campbell and José Antonio Cotrina. I remember buying his book La canción secreta del mundo (The world’s secret song in English probably). It was Christmas and this was the only present I gave to myself (yep, self-indulgence). I was sad considering I couldn’t probably read it until Summer (my exams from uni started on January andright after it was the last semester of my degree), But…something unexpected happened. While doing my Japanese exam I got the A flu… (Luckily it was the last one). So I was off uni for an entire week with high temperature and suffering from extraourdinarious pain in one and each of my body’s joints. Being ill is very boring though, so I read Cotrina’s book which actually was great reinforcing my fever’s hallucinations. And because of that, I loved it. So, even if I had to wait two hours in a queue that seemed to increase with time, I didn’t give up. And I got my prize in the end: I met in person these two wonderful writers and I got a beautifully personalized signed book, which I started reading this morning while driking my coffe.

La Marca del Guerrero

The second book, La marca del guerrero (The warrior’s mark) I bought it due to pure coincidence. While looking at the stands in the unbearable hot, I saw a knwon face. There was a girl I remembered from my teenager years. Back then I started playing role playing games, the only hobby (apart from art) I’ve kept for years. She was the best Master I ever had, so ceirtanly not a person one could easily forget about. And there she was, this fantastic story teller, signing her first book which is now in its second edition, no less. I was very happy for her, and also quite impressed. I’ll read it after Cambell and Cotrina’s. The author (she is T. F. Famux, and you can check here blog here) has promised me it is even better than one of the plots from her role playing games, and that being the case I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it.

On the other hand, my mother met his favourite sing and song-writer, who is also a painter (very tanlented man!) who was singing books at the Madrid’s Book Fair. She told me she was too ashame to talk to him properly, and right after their encounter she bought all those books about health care. She is always concerned about health, but not in a obsesive way, so we both found the anecdote funny yesterday and that’s why I drew it. However, I must say I feel sympathy for my mother. I’m also very shy when meeting new people, specially people that I admire, famous people. I usually think they should be so tired of being stopped at the street or being asking all kind of weird proposals. And above all, I don’t want to disturbe. Overcaution. I believe my mum and I got the same “ilness”. I mean, it’s ok being polite, but sometimes I can’t avoid thinking overcaution makes you miss so many wonderful opportunities. It’s when you are daring (sometimes even cheeky!) when  you finally get most of the chances. (I talk from experience…) Alexander The Great didn’t remain at home when hoping to conquer the world. He reached India with his army, which was a very distant place from Macedon (his homeland). Audentes fortuna iuvat.

(Listening to this crazy music while writing this!)



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