Mutants in Oz



And again let’s talk about cinema. This week I didn’t watch so many films as usual, paradoxically the more free time the worst. I actually spent this last Sunday’s evening sleeping without feeling asleep. Bored to death. I like to think it’s due to the heat but someday I’ll face the true about myself, I’ll sail dark tides of my inner self until discovering the source of all this existential anguish. Someday.

In the mean time, I entertain myself with Hollywood films and more first-rate anime films…

Have you seen any interesting films lately? Any recommendation?

X-Men: First Class by Mattew Vaughn (2011)



X-Men never was my favourite saga. But my sister is really into it so when she saw they were playing X-Men: First Class at cinemas again she bought the tickets for both of us. I went because she told me that three of my favourite actors were in this film: Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jenifer Lawrence. I can enjoy some of the Hollywood’s films but usually I don’t love them. They are like fast food: savoury, convinient, you eat them and  you feel satisfied in the moment. But ask me about one of these films three or four weeks later: I’ll probably have forgotten about the plot as most of them are so similar one tends to mix up characters and situations. jennifer_lawrence

X-Men: First Class is not an exception. The story is interesting, of course, there happens so many things that it can’t be boring. But it’s so prototypical.

1. The weird girl is always the weird girl. I mean, Mystique is a blue girl with cat yellow eyes. She’s in love with the super good guy (Professor X) but of course they can’t be together. She’s the weird girl, remember? Only the bad guy (Magneto) has the ability to she an atractive woman in her. But remember, he’s everything but decent…

2. The beautiful girl is dull and of course she depends on a man. This is Emma Frost. She’s an excellent telepath, she’s the power of turning her body into diamond… but in the end she’s just the loyal dog of the super bad guy (Sebastian Shaw) who doesn’t have any real interest in her. Because super bad guys have no feelings at all.

3. The super good guy is American, handsome, educated, rich… the bad guys are German (Sebastian Shaw) and Polish (Magneto). Foreigners. Shaw’s henchmen also look like foreigners. (One of them, Riptide, is played by the Spanish actor Álex González).

4. Russians are so, so, so, so wicked. But Americans are more or less ok.


5. The black guy is always the first to die. Darwin. (Why does this happen in American films so often?)

6. When Magneto turns into the super bad guy he wears this weird femmenine red cape. Somehow femminity is linked  with evilness in many American films… The behaviour of Magneto, which is usually very instinctive, can be seen also as femmenine, whereas Professor X is a very rational man (this is believed to be masculine virtue by some). And yep, I think their relationship looks a bit gay.


But of course, this is just my opinion, and I never read the comics or similar. I just went to the cinema that day without any expectation and I got fun for two whole hours. Besides, I also had the opportunity of observing with delight the cold beauty of Michael Fassbender, my favourite Scottish in the world, James McAvoy and the attractive Jennifer Lawrence. I didn’t ask for more…

X-Men: First Class – Trailer


Summer Wars by Mamoru Hosoda (2009)


The second film I watched this past Sunday was an Japanese one. The director is Mamoru Hosoda, who also created The Girl Who Leapt Through Time which I watched last week. SW_ozI have to say I liked Summer Wars much more. It’s very original, it’s hilarious, and the main character (Kenji) is super-cute. This film is about communication and relationships, which I think are two very important concepts in society nowadays. On the one hand, this is the era of communication as we have the social networks (as Facebook) which allow us to be in touch with people all over the world. On the other hand, family are still the group in which we are born, the people we grow up with. And this means something.


In the film, Oz is a fantastic social network in which almost anything is possible. It is actually so intense it seems even more exciting than real life. Nevertheless, virtual world is virtual world, and when we’re in trouble we need support from something real. (At least I need it…) We need a hug, or we need the help of those individuals we know that are never letting us down.

summer wars_love machine

I think  this was the meaning of this film that I actualy enjoyed a lot. The animation is great (from my point of view it was better than in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) the colours are intense and the music is very emotional. This is a film I’ll watch again for sure…


Summer Wars – Trailer



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