Do you feel like cooking some… happiness?


What is desired by everyone? Money? Happines? I don’t consider myself materialistic, so I’ll say happiness. But, what the hell is happiness? A kind of Nirvana just some special guys can reach? A state of mind? A way of living? Something you can get through something else? (Like money, sacrifices, by reaching your goals…) What is happines for you? What would you include in your own “happiness recipe”?


1 mug of chai tea

1 consistent table

5000 intense and emotional songs from Spotify / YouTube / your own mp4

3 l of quiteness

1 laptop

1 gram of inspiration.

1 window with beautiful views

1 coaster

1 Koneko acting as beta

 1 coaster

50 g of rainforest smell

1 comfy cushion

1 comfy chair


1. First of all, find a place spacious enough to allocate a consistent table and a chair. Distribute them adequately.

2. Open a window with a beautiful view, preferably with elements on nature in it as mountains, frutal trees, green grass… etc. Sea view is also ok.

3. Place the confy cushion over the chair. Try yourself to test what is the best position.

4. Boil water (but not in the same room!) and prepare a big mug of chai tea with a few drops of milk. Let it away for the moment.

5. Add a laptop (it can be old fashioned but not slow when using the keyboard). Place next to it a mp4 or similar with a huge number (5000 at the least) of intense, emotional songs. Regulate the volume before playing any song.

6. Spread 3 liters of quitness (or more) in the place, to make sure the only sounds there are the ones you actually desire to hear.

7. Come back to where you let the mug cooling. Put it on the table but (that’s very important) not directly on the surface. Use a coaster.

8. Sit in the chair and do some streching with your fingers and arms. Phone Koneko to make sure he’s going the be available after your written session to be your beta. (It should be).

9. Get 50 grames of rainforest smell from the window from beautiful views.

10. Spread one grame of inspiration… and write.



… and now you can enjoy your own happiness. ¡Que aproveche!







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