What is inside the bag?



Today I’d like to introduce you to my sister. She’s this fine, beautiful young lady you can see in the picture above. She’s always dressed in pretty clothes. In this picture she’s also giving her black and white strike cat a stroll. (Have you noticed its blue and pink socks? My sis knitted them herself and gave them to the cat for its birthday…) But the question here (apart of my sister in general) is… can you guess what is inside the enormous bag she’s carrying? You may think about it a few seconds, minutes even. Is it full of books? Clothes? Video-games? Make a guess, please, and if you are right… well, I must say you’re my hero.

Let’s come back to my sister. She’s very special and dear to me. I’m sure we’ve met each other in another life, because we feel a very deep and special conexion. No matter how much we fight I’ll always feel she loves me no matter what, and I know she feels the same about me. She’s so many virtues… but one of them is courage. She’s the bravest person I know. I’ve seen her suffering tremendous pain without a cry. In the hardest situations she can remain calm and, what’s more important, calm others. She’s so intense as her ebony eyes. I know she’ll live a great life because of her courage and generosity. And I hope we can share our time… now and ever.

And coming again to the bag’s stuff… Did you guess it? Well, the bag was full of…




…humans bones! Oh yes, my sis may seem to be a timid, demud young woman. But don’t let her innocent looks trick you…


(And by the way, just in case you’re wondering now, nop, my sis is not a cannibal or a pshyco… although being that the case I’ll love her anyways… but she’s just a Medicine student).


So I'm listening...

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