The only thing I want in this world… a tambourine



Imagine one lovely day a powerful god or similar (let’s say it’s Koneko) appears in front of you. Wow, here it’s, Koneko in all his yellowish glory. Wow, what a surprise! It’s not an invention from this crazy Aislinn, it’s real!!… etc. But that’s not all. Koneko isn’t in front of you for anything. Koneko always have a purpose.

-Hey, Koneko! What’s up?

-Yeah, not so bad. By the way, I’ll come here to make all your wishes true.


-…yep, that’s it. you got it.

So, in that case, what would you ask Koneko for? You can choose between possible and impossible desires and dreams… There’s nothing this yellow cat cannot do! So think carefully about it because I tell you, this is a unique oportunity!

This happened today, actually. The Koneko thing. I was with a friend of mine, M. She didn’t hesitate a second when she heard our dear friend’s proposal. And she asked for…

…a tambourine!!!

But then it was my turn (my friend was so overtaken by the intense pleasure after getting her own new shining black tambourine she didn’t wanted anything more apart from it).

Dreams? Desires? Mmmh, let’s see…

I think that first of all I’d ask for money. That’s sad, isn’t it? Two posts before I was saying all that nonsense about considering me a non-materialistic person and now… bung! Here I am, someone asks me what is that I crave for and I say… money. Buuuut… Koneko can do magic, so I’ll not ask him for money and that’s all. Nop. I don’t want enormous bags fill-fullled with purple fifty hundred euros notes. That’s not glamorous enough. I want to earn money by winning literary contests. I win them with my short stories, with my novels… In that way I not only get the money, but I also get glory and it’ll push my writer’s career. So tha’s my first wish. (By the way, I just want the money for travelling, first to Japan, then around Europe, America… I don’t like expensive hotels nor restaurants, but still I like travelling feeling comfortable about the money stuff!)

My second desire? Being able to fly. I love flying. I have done it so many times (in dreams). But I want to fly without wings. (I know very well Koneko’s sense of humor… and he could give a pair of moth’s wings or worse).

And my third desire… Being able to write 2000 words a day. Everyday of my life. Writing novels continuosly. I have so many ideas all the time. Characters, plots, situations…  but they are all trapped in my head!! And it hurts like hell. So please, Koneko, give the will to let them free no matter what. Thank you. (No matter what other people think of my stories… no matter if they’re published or not, no matter how many other things I could be doing instead of writing… I just want to do it).

And my fourth desire (yes, I was thinking about stopping at #3 but…) is to be able of feeling gratitude… and show it to others. I’m usually complaining about the complications of being human, but I’m actually very lucky and I’d like to feel that way. So gratitude instead anger, love instead of fear. Do you think you can do it?

-Of course I can!! (Koneko is offended now). I’ll make your wishes true but you’ve doubt of my capacities… so now you cannot stroke me in a week! I forbbid you to do so!

Sometimes he can be such a pain…


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