My Sis is like Magallanes



My sister is in a veeery good humor lately. She used to be this shy and decent girl but not anymore… I remember when I used to tell here: let’s go to Alaska! let’s spend our next holidays in Hokkaidō! (I don’t like heat, you can see that). And she was like: “Weeeell, don’t know… maybe…” But this has been changing lately…

Now she started this super extra difficult degree which starts with a huge “M” and she’s changed completely. First she freaked out when she realised she was supposed to spend six years (at least) studing. It took months for her to accept this fact, selling your youth to the benefit of humanity as a whole is not easy. However, now that she’s already part of this kind of sect (Medicine can be like one, believe me) she’s happier than I’ve even seen her.

And now she wants to travell all over the world. And my mum is the one who is freaking out. The problem is that she keeps changing her mind so often. First it was Corea, nowadays she’s speaking about Tanger. I’ll let you know when she buys the tickets. All I can say now is that I’m really proud of my sis, she’s going to beat Magallanes*, I’m sure!




(*Magallanes was the first guy who travelled all over the world. He was Portuguese. Although wait… he died in the middle of his adventure, he was eaten (or attacked) by a tribe around some isles in the Pacific ocean…)


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