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Again I will do an entry about cinema. I know this could be boring but I must catch up with my only (and beloved) weekly section in this blog. I’m very perfecionist when I try hard on something, so I must bring things back to normal the sooner the better. As you may have noticed, the rythm here has became kind of slow. New month, new responsabilities, but as I said I’m doing my best to plan my time and keep doing what I really like and yep, I like writing this a lot. Besides, last week I watched so many good films that’s going to be a pleasure to do this entry. Have you had the same experience? Have you ever watched those films I’m going to write about? Please, let me know as I’m always waiting for recommendations and new impressions.

What Maisie Kew by Scott McGehee and David Siegel (2012)


This is a film I wanted to watch since last Summer (when it was released in Spain) because Julianne Moore and Alexander Skarsgard were starring it. And oh heavens, they are beautiful people, in the literal sense of the word. I watched it at the train (when coming back to Madrid) and I thought: “oh, perfect”. But not so, as unexpectedly, I found it to be quite an unpleasant film. Not because of the actors (they are good) or the story (it’s not my favourite one ever but I liked it). It’s just it was hard to me seeing how (spoiler!) Maisie’s parents treated their own child. Maisie4

Sometimes you heard stories… or sometimes you see things with your own eyes that make you think that people who want to have children must pass some kind of exam (instruction at least). And if the’d do so, this world could be a better place. Or not. There is a film which also focuses on this topic (although it’s a thriller, not a drama) and it’s called Gone, Baby, Gone. I also recommend it because it made me think a lot.

Maisie’s parents a rich, beautiful (well, the father I found him quite ugly, but I suppose some women would call him an attractive mature man) and live in New York… Maisie herself has everything a child of six can dream about, and even more. Toys, big room for herlself, she goes to a fancy school and wears cool clothes… So what’s the problem of this little girl? Well, it’s not only boredom. The problem is that her parents don’t give a fuck about her, and sorry for the words and the vocabulary and all but the situation it’s that hard for our main character. Maisie3

They just think in themselves and constantly forget about their only child… Seriously, Maisie is going to be for sure a very traumatized woman because actually I got the feeling her parents didn’t love her at all. You can imagine how she was just like an accident in the self-centered life of her parents. She has everything speaking on material terms but nothing else. We usually want so many things. I want for myself a house on my own (even if it’s very little and rented) a new super-light laptop, fancy clothes, a month trip to Japan… We usually take so much time for thinking about what we don’t have and feeling so sad or disappointed about it. But hey, have you ever reflected about all the things you actually have? If I would go missing suddenly, I know I’ve people around who would notice it. They’d probably look for me, they’d miss me for sure and some of they’d do almost anything for having me back… Well, in Maisie’s situation this wouldn’t be the case at all because, as I’ve mentioned before, no one cares about her.

So this film made me think about how lucky I am for having these wonderful and devoted parents who tried to do their best when I was a six-year-old little girl. Well, I’d had so many fights and troubles with those who take me into this world (sometimes I still have them) but I guarantee you once you watch Maisie’s situation everything else seems better.


But, of course, this is an American film, so it’s to have a happy end. Alexander Skarsgard enters Maisie’s life and he saves her because he’s the most handsome and hottest guy ever… Ok, it’s not only his physical appearance but also his character because he (Lincoln) is the man who almost every woman would want as the father of her future children. So perfect it’s actually difficul to believe (and what he saw in Maisie’s mother anyway apart from her being rich and pretty and famous??) Men like that don’t exist. And the thing in the end (super spoiler!!) of the two exes falling in love for each other… Well, call me pessimistic, but I thought that to be too much. Maybe the true story  is that she was kidnapped by some mentally disturbed person who killed her eventually and left her body in Central Park. Or she grew up and became and alcoholic, addicted to cocaine teenager. The kind of cruel destiny who children of careless parenst seem to be led to… By the way, the film is based on a novel by the great Henry James which has a much more reasonable end…

And all this perfectly beautiful children who star in every single Hollywood film. I mean, look at the actress who plays the role of Maisie. I would have loved her even if she was not so perfect, but well, I know in American films women (and little girls) are always perfect except when they play funny roles.

I’ll end up by saying I hated Julianne Moore’s character. It’s the first time I see her in the screen and I thought: “Oh, please, someone kills her now”. Although Maisie’s father was not better… This is a good film to watch for knowing about parents abuse (even if it doesn’t imply any physical vioence). But appart from it, it’s a lot of topics I’m tired to watch. I’d give it a 6.5.

Snowpiercer by Bong Joon-ho (2013)


Wow. I loved it. I know it’s not the perfect story, I know it also has lot of topics (Jewish topics in my mother’s opinion). But… I loved it anyway. First of all, because it has a combination of music and images that it’s too much… This is something I’ve noticed in so many Asian films. It’s like they give more importance to the aesthetics of making cinema. You can see a scene, even if it’s very violent (as it the case of this film) but you find yourself thinking… this is beautiful as an art piece in a Museum. That’s it. The locations, the colours and the soundtrack of this story are superb and only because of that I think his director should be recognized as a very talented man. (Heis the director of two films I also enjoyed in the past, The Host, and Memories of a Murder).snow2

Then, the idea of the story seemed very original to me. Climate change has became a major problem in the world so goverments decide to release a special gas which apparently is going to stop the global warmth. But what happens in the end is that all the globe freezes and the only survivals of this extreme change are the ones who were travelling in a snowpiercer train. So in this narrow and oppresive enviroment life keeps going as it has always been… The riches are in the first class place getting richer and the poor people off third class are very, very unhappy… Hehe, I think it’s so original. I travell so much by train that somehow I felt… identificated? I always travell in third class though, so I supposed that if I had been at that train… glups…snow3

And I also loved all the idea of the driver of the train (and the machine itself) becoming a real God (the only God) for all the humans. They have no other way to survive so they worship the machine and the man who have saved them for a sure death in the cold. Ed Harris played very well the role of this driver. His ice-blue eyes are very beautiful but disconcerting in some way. I would never trust someone whit his eyes… Jamie Bell also does a good work here with his character who is one of the most charismatics (It seemed like a Scottish guy to me, I don’t know why…) And in general, no one is who we believe in the beginning so I like that in a film too. And Tilda Swinton’s role… I could barely recognize her!! She’s so disgusting, like an obscure version of Effie (for The Hunger Games). And the scene in the school… incredible. And the confession of the main character in the end… incredible as well.Snowpiercer trailer 6

What can I say? I think it’s been one of the best action films from 2013. It can be predictable in some aspects (the savior who wants to put an end to an unfair situation, poor people vs. rich ones, the distopia and all that…) But I enjoyed and it kept my attention the whole night. It had something oniric…

Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch (2013)


The original idea of this film comes from a story by Mark Twain (The diaries of Adam and Eve) but it has nothing to do with religion (the film). This is a visual but above all musical story. It tells the problems a pair of old lovers have to face. They are young (well, maybe Tilda Swifton’s character, Eve, not that much) beautiful, rich, perfect… and inmortal. In the film they are vampires, they consider themselves a superior race (they call humans “zombies” and  despise them). They are not the only ones: there’s Ava, Eva’s young wayward sister and Cristopher Marlow, the so called writer. Their only indispensable occupation in life is to get blood to drink. 

On the one hand, Eve is a very confident and attractive woman. She enjoys her condition and she’s quite extrovert and daring. She loves Adam sometimes with a kind of maternal love. She would do anything for him although she doesn’t depend on him that much. She’s a strong woman. I liked her. lovers2

Adam is, maybe, the most interesting character of the film. He’s the most sensitive. He’s concerned about humans (although he tries to hide it) he feels his own humanity and he doesn’t want to lose it. He’s a very talented musician and very introvert as well. He seems to need Eve more than she needs him. Somehow, I believe he felt kind of guilty. Maybe it was because he’s inmortal? Probably. He is like young Werther, the character from Goethe’s novel. And so sexy.

Then Ava… Ava is excess. She’s a young fool girl who just wants to have fun. I didn’t like her that much. She’s the typical crazy teenager, but apart from that her character didn’t give much to the plot. She’s a hedonist but her older sister (Eva) looks down on her because of this, and Adam cannot stand her… although maybe this is because he’s a crush on her… who knows. lovers4

Christopher Marlow just appear a little at the beginning and the end of the film. He represents the cruel future, what it may come.

This is a film to watch quietly. I enjoyed the desolated sceneries, the character’s phylosophical conversations, the misterious music and the lifes of those two inmortals (who has not ever dreamt of being a vampire like Ann Rice‘s ones?) And the soundtrack is fantastic.


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