End of the World (at least here in Madrid…)


Today is like the final day. I hope everyone else is in pace with themselves because… here it comes!! The End of The World has reached  Spain and no sinners would remain the same after it!! (Yep, I’m overexcited, I know… but I’m very dramatic after all that happened to me today).

1. I get up like everyday this week at 6 am to run… and when I’ve opened and eye… I heard this terribly thunder. Big storm over my city. I consider the idea of running anyways because I’m very brave but then I recall I’ve to be alive for my ELE course at 10 am (Spanish language for foreing people). So I decide to sleep instead of running and I get up at 7am. At this point I thought, well, one hour more of sleeping cannot do harm so…

2. I go to uni very early (because today I’d lots of time as I decided not to run in the morning… well, the weather (not me) decided I shouldn’t run this morning. When I was walking to the printing service (I need to print some writing stuff) I feel a few drops of rain over my face. BUT for one time in my life I’ve brought the umbrella (yep, I’m the best!!) so I use it. Nevertheless, it rains so hard and it’s so miserably windy that my poor umbrella is useless and  by the time I get to the printing service room I’m wet as if I was swiming in a pool with my clothes on a second ago.

3. “But we’re in July” I remind it to myself. “This is going to be a short summer storm, a trifle”. Ha, ha, ha. When I have to go again to my School, it’s rainning again… and heavier. I try to walk, but I’m getting so wet that I’m afraid of my bag (wet as well) which contains unvaluable books and my dear laptop. So then I remember this old legend in my campus. According to it, there’s a hidden path from the School of Sciences (the last one) to the School of Philosophy and Arts (my own). So I go into the pagan School of Sciences for the first time in my life and yep, I find the hidden path and I follow it through all the faculties in the Autónoma University of Madrid. It saves my life (mostly) although the legend didn’t espicified that some of the points in this path are without any roof… but full of mud now that’s rainning. And I’m wearing shorts and sandals. (But this last thing is my fault, I’m too optimistic in weather matters).

4. I’m drinking a very hot coffe at the cafeteria (I know I deserve it because of all the miseries I’ve been going through). And then… lightning and thunders again. Heavy rain. People running desesperartely into the cafeteria. Chaos. The old foul-mouthed waiter from Colmenar tries to keep calm (he’s earning a lot of money this morning because everyone is asking for one or two coffes to overcome the trauma of having such a weather in July here in Spain). But suddenly… the light goes off!! Darkness, screams, more chaos, the waiter is shouting at us:” I cannot do any fucking coffe if there’s no power you pricks!!!”

5. I’m at my ELE course, Everyone in there is in my same situation: wet, traumatized, angry with the weather and so on. But we’re relieved  because now we’re safe. The rain seems to have disappeared and there’s sun behind the windows… until there’s just five minutes to finish the three hours class. And it starts rainning. Again. Dark heavens, clouds and all that. Great.

6. I decide to stay at uni until there’s no rain and it’s safe to come back home. Because the rain must stop at some moment, right? Yeah, well, actually it stops around 4pm… and then it begings hailing. Massive white stones that fall on the ground as michro-bombs developed by some alien race to destroy humanity. In a second the grass outside it’s white, as in Christmas time. I’m only glad because (for once) I’m inside a place with a roof over me, although the sound of hail is so disturbing as a fierce battle… (And I want to go home… I don’t want to be trapped in uni for ever!!!)

7. While I’m writting this (still trapped at uni) I’ve began to fear that the world may end today in Spain. Maybe it’s not Japan but Spain (or maybe just Madrid) the one which disappear in the Seas or in the ground or whatever, like Atlantis… The sky now is a bit blue and grey. Shall I trust it? Well, I’ll try to come back now (I’m still hoping to be able of running at some point of the day… I was so in the mood for exercise today!) So I’ll finish this post tonight.


Tonight at 10:37pm


8. I ran after all. When I came to my place it was sun, and hot, and lovely as anything had happened before. As if everything has been just on my imagination. I was sad in the end, as I’m sure I’ll miss you, my dear cool, for sure, in the horrible hot- like-hell summers here in Madrid. Maybe today it’s just a sad farewell, Winter going to the South Hemisphere. Come back soon, my dear friend!



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