Dinosaur’s Salad


Each day, a new story. This is the fossil story. I went to my father’s village for the first time in my concious life. We were climbing a hill when going to a shrine which was located in the middle of the forest. The path was not only steep, but also quite rocky, which was a pity as I was wearing white summer sandals (although I must say these survived that excursion and others which came in the next days). Then we had some conversations about fossils, a topic that my father’s friend from overseas introduced first…

“Do you know if it’s possible to find fossils around here?”

“No, I don’t think so. Where do you think we are? This’s my old village, for God’s sake, not Jurasic Park or something. In fact…”

And when my father says it, “in fact” that means he’s going to tell a funny story. An story inside a story.

“…In fact I remember when I was a child going to this stupid Catholic school in the village. One priest asked us to bring some fossils for the Science class and me and my friends became crazy looking for them, I’m telling you, day and night, over the forest, the path, the hills… everywhere. But our great-grandmothers were the only fossils around!!”

We laughed at the story until a couple of minutes later… My father’s friend found the first fossil, the one from the picture. It was a beautiful fern fossil. Dinosaurs’ salad. And then we saw loads of them. Not only fern but also molluscs’ fossil, which is not surprising as we were quite close to the sea.

And each time we made a new ancient discovery, my father’s height decreased a little bit until he was so small he could actually be mistaken with a tiny spot beside some of the fern fossils… And the only thing you could hear from him was a huffy murmur:

“But it’s true… I looked for them and there were none… I looked for them really well… and nothing…”

This is not the end of the story, as a week later we read in the local newspapers that some paleontologists were saying that dinosaurs’ settelments were found recently in the zone.

So it sounds like we made a great discovery…



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