Jumping Walls and Fences



Today I did things I wasn’t expecting to do in the first place. I got up really late (for me) almost 9am. I didn’t go running because I thought I deserved some rest after yesterday which was hard in walking and running terms (although satisfactory).



So today I started by walking down a rocky slope. I hate slopes when I’m in nature, I know they are unavoidable as everything that goes up goes down as well, that’s Life’s pure circle. But I’m usually so worried about falling over and breaking a bone or something. Always thinking the worst possibility ever (yes, that’s me!). Although I remember when I was 13 or 14 and I had an sprained ankle in the middle of the summer and from then my summer was… end!! (Well, just for two weeks…) DSC_0013

But that’s just the beginning. Then I crossed a river (wet stones are also very dangerous…) and I climbed up another slope. Briars and thistles attacked me but I survived somehow. But then, I had in front of me a huge wall of natural rocks. The kind of wall I usually would look at and think: “oh, nice!” but without the slightest idea of climbing it… But I did, yes, I did so… And then… another wall, a human-made rocky wall (the kind of wall farmers made to put limits to their private fields), And I crossed both, the high physical wall and the psychological wall (doing something that actually is illegal). And for going out I creeped under a fence…

The good prize were the views. And also, that I can tell the story now. I’m always shy, and coward, and spinless… but, can I change after all? Because it might be illegal but oh Gods, climbing walls and fences and going through dangerous places and actually being able of survive without anybody’s help feels so great. I may try again. Who knows.


So I'm listening...

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