The Purple Elephant did It

Traducción: Ya puedo usar el baño, ¿no? / ¡¿Qué ha pasado en el baño?! / "roto"

Traducción: Ya puedo usar el baño, ¿no? / ¡¿Qué ha pasado en el baño?! / “roto”

Sometimes I’m a bit… careless? Well, it’s not me really, but things. You know, in the past things were made well and they lasted for centuries, like Versalles or Stonehenge but today… No, today everything is made under planned obsolescence. Do you believe in this? Are you clumsy or you go around in life as agile as a ballet dancer? Let’s confess some… little catastrophes.

I love staying in the bath for hours if I have the chance. But this last week-end the bathroom of the hotel where I was staying was a bit… well, it was not so well built after all. When I tried to pull the shower curtain it fell off (it could have killed me!!) and when I wanted to pull the other curtain (the white one which covered the window from unwanted gazes) it also fell off!

I was quite surprised and disappointed with the quality standard of the hotel. But I’m a stocial and I didn’t complain, I just continued with my cleanness rutine.

I just wanted to explain in case you truly believed an elephant had entered in the bathroom (ehem).

Apart from this one, I’ve had other random moments or clumsy moments. I can recall one now, it was a year ago when I was living en Edinburgh. I bought a set of earphones and I’d decided to buy a good one (because the shit earphones I had previously had cost only 5 pounds or so but yes, they were like shit and lasted… four months?) So I bought this other set for 10 pounds (really expensive, oh yeah). And I wanted to open it very quickly, but they were into a plastic box that was almost bulletproof. So I took my scissors and I began to cut, and cut, as an explorer with his machete making his way in the lush Amazon’s wilderness…  So I cut the box in the end but also the earphones (yes, I’m that intelligent). I whish you could have seen my face at that moment, I was blue and completely… devastated.

So please, don’t let me be the only one that is confessing ridiculous anecdotes and share some of yours here! You can always say to others that it was the purple elephant’s fault…


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