Playing the Spy



It happened that I’ve had a fairy goodmother since I was born. Yep, I’m very lucky, I know… Fairy goodmothers can be sometimes unpredictable or be in a very rare (or directly bad) humor because it’s not easy to be what they are but in the end of the day we all want one because no matter how special they aree they take care of us. Do you have a fairy goodmother too? Maybe is it a fairy goodfather? OrThe Goodfather? Let’s share some experiences!

So, I’m done with my degree and heading into a master. I’m usually writting all the time (this blog, novels, short stories) I used to go with my computer around all the time but God it was so heavy. It wasn’t when I first bought it four years ago (and I was beginning my degree… it seems like it was two hundred years ago…) But you know, technology is evolving all the time and whenever you buy something the next month, week or even day is going to be a new version which is much better. And you feel decieved (at least I feel that way and that’s why I hate technology and I love books, a book always serves its purpose no matter how old).

But my fairy goodmother is a very fine person and she wants me to be a great writer (fairy goodmothers believe in such things for us, to give us strenght and hope…) so she gave me as a present this wonderful, tiny and superlight computer that I’ve fallen in love with because it’s so kawaii.

The only thing is that my new computer comes along with a completely different system (that I’m not used to, of course) so I’m having severe headaches trying to make it work the way I want. I’m looking up in the internet all sort of weird tutorials to help me in this task and I’m so amazed that there are so many people who are dedicating time of their own lives to help dummies like me who usually cannot tell the right button from the left one…

Although I should confess something very funny. The first time I switched my new laptop on, it asked me (among other things) for a password. And I invented one, but not an easy one nor one I’ve previously used… Nah, I made up a very complicated thing with numbers, capital letters and all sort of odd symbols from the keyboard. And, of course, I didn’t write it down becaue I’m a genious and everything is in my mind. I’m like that disgusting (but lovely gentelman), Charles Augustus Magnussen, who was Sherlock opponent in the Sherlock‘s new series from BBC, season three (link here). I’ve libraries in my mind.

But that same night, I thought well let’s play a bit with my new baby and when I tried to swicth it on it asked me again for the password and… and I eventually discovered the password was not what I had in my head, I didn’t remember it right!! I started to sweat a lot because my new great computer was blocked and I was too ashame to tell anyone about it but my sister who happened to be in kitchen with me. She explained me very politely how silly I had been though.

In the end (the next morning) I managed  to change the password and (thanks heavens!) I could enter in my computer. Then the first thing I did was delete the password and the option for it. I don’t care anymore if someone opens my laptop and learn all my secrets… everything is OK as long as I can use my computer.

But today I discovered my laptop asked again for a password so I may not have deleted that option… I think that for the moment she (my new laptop is a baby girl) and I speak different languages… ugh.


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