People changes… there’s still hope!


Traducción: Cantando en el metro / Hace 7 años… / I., estudiante modelo en la misma escuela de música que yo. Ella iba a un colegio privado y religioso que tenía monjas, su madre era muy estricta y ella era simpática aunque tímida. / “Perfecta” / ¡Es maravilloso ver como la gente cambia con el tiempo!

It happened I was in the subway when a girl came into my carriage. She was singing quite good a famous Spanish pop song by Fito&Fitipaldis. She was dressed like a boy and she was beautiful in a cheeky way.  Then she asked for money after her little performance and then it was when I recognized her… How you recently met peple for your long forgotten past? How was it?


She had been at my same music school! Only that at that time she was quite different. A shy student from a private school and her mother (who I never liked, she seemed too harsh) was always boasting about her, as she considered this girl like the most perfect in the whole world and so on. She played the guitar… but was too timid to show the other students her performance, I swear.

So it’s amazing how people change. She got quite a few coins from people in my carriage (she sang well and she had a enjoyable smile). I don’t know what does her mother think about her new job (she is my age now, I believe) but, why not?

If my piano were not so heavy, I might be going around the subway carrying it. Music always makes the soul happier, and coins do no harm in an student’s pocket…


So I'm listening...

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