New times, new ways but also old stories


CinemaAgain Monday and I know I’ve been forgetting a bit about my Cinema Monday entries but the thing is I chose such a bad time to open my blog… June and the beginning of the Summer did not good for you, my dear readers (nor for me, I must admit) because everyone is messing around, doing all those things they couldn’t do during the academic / working year, resting, travelling… But again September, first day (and Monday, oh my…) so I should get back to my original intention of posting at least three times a week (let it be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). And I’ll take care of this, my first and only section (for the moment) of the blog, Cinema Mondays, and as I delayed it so much I’ll offer today a list of some of the films I watched during the Summer… Did you watch something interesting? I’m those kind of people who actually hide inside the cinema from the unbereable heat of Madrid’s Summer… Do you do the same? Any interesting title you watched recently? Please, let me know as I’m always craving for more interesting stuff to watch!

The Invisible Woman (2013) by Ralph Fiennes



I loved this film. I couldn’t explain why…  It’s the atmosphere, which is so perfect portrayed. I love Victorian Literature, and Dickens is one of the most famous writers of that time. In this story we have another vision of this great character from the perspective of a female protagonist: his well-known last lover, a young actress who was hated by the London society of the time. I’ve empatized so much with her, a woman who loves reading, who truly admires Dickens and who could have been his perfect soul companion… Is not that what writers wish to find all along their lives? An ideal reader, a person who drinks from our words and in fact needs them as water…

When the movie finished I couldn’t speak (I was that touched). I remembered a random woman approached me and asked me if I had liked it (and my answer is obvious). However, she said she hadn’t enjoyed it so much because it was slow and sometimes even boring… I kind of understand her and at the same time I couldn’t disagree more with this lady. So what can I say? Are you a literarure fan or interested in Dickens or Victorians times? This may be your film then… (And I’m impressed by the ability of the actor Ralph Fiennes of desguise himself as Dickens… and of being at the same time the director of the film!)


Castle in the Sky (1986) by Hayao Miyazaki


Another film that captivated me recently is this one from my favourite director for all times, Hayao Miyazaki. I don’t know how I missed it during so many years! I was very surprised to discover such a beautiful story, the first one he directed. What I liked most was the music and the pictures which in some sequences are literally breathtaking. It has positive messages about nature and pacifism (in a way I think Disney never did, and that’s why I prefer Ghibli films). The characters of this story are in permantly evolution, the girl is powerful and intelligent and the boy is so cute. And at last I know where this gigantic robot statue who is built in fron of Ghibli’s Museum comes from. Actually robots in this film have inspired me tenderness which is something I’ve never expected to feel from a… compound of screws and bolts. And that’s why I like Miyazaki so much! 


The Fifth State (2013) by Bill Condon



This film is directed by Bill, the famous vampire of True Blood actor… (I had to say it because for a long time I was such a great fan of these TV series although not any more). And actually it’s a pretty well done piece of work. It tells a story everyone of us should know, because the creator of WikiLeaks is a important person in contemporary history right now, someone who changed a bit the world, or maybe and evidence that new times are bringing new ways of communication. Printing was a heavy revolution in its time and now the Internet is another one. As the protagonist of this film says, (he’s a Mathematician by training), the theory behind any secret is exactly the same for corruption… And we all agree that corruption has been always a very big problem in politics since the Greeks invented them (or even before that). But corruption has a weak point (as Achilles has his heel) and this is the whistleblowers. So now, with the Internet and the real possiblity of being anonimous at a global scale… politic systems may be forced to change. That’s the idea I really liked about the film, as well as the work of the main actors, Cumberbatch and Brühl which are so talented (and sexy).


A Touch of Sin (2013) by Jia Zhangke


This is very violent film. Violent in a way a Tarantino movie cannot be… This is real violence, cruel violence, the one that is not that artistic but… moving. You really feel the pain when watching the characters in the screen suffering, if you get why I mean. I liked it a lot though. It’s not easy to portray violence (or sin, maybe) in the way this director does and… I’m impressed, what else can I say? He kept me with my eyes wide open the whole movie (two hours at least). The film is composed of four stories which portray different ways of violence (justified or not). The first one is about social revenge, about an individual who decides to overcome unjustice. I found the second one to be the most disturbing one… because it’s about a true psycopath, a person who enjoys violence, who takes pleasure in it. Very, very creepy. The third one is about female violence, and the female main character in it is very important… in the end of the movie you’d see why. The fourth one is the saddest one. It’s about a young guy who could be my age so I sympatized with him a lot… and it’s about self-violence. The stories are also linked to animals: horses, tigers, snakes… all of them part of the Chinese Zodiac, I don’t know if it means something (probably it does) but I’ll ask my Chinese friend about it. This is the very first fim I’ve watched by this director. My same Chinese friend recommended him to me and now I can say it’s exceed all my expectations, so thank you very much!


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