Where the Lannister’s took me


Well hello! I’m here speaking from the underworld… Nah, it’s not like it looks, I promise I haven’t die (yet, I’ll die at some point of my life, that’s for sure). There’s been some kind of absence in my blog though. You might have noticed that (or not) but in any case let me explain myself.

Something happened in my life, a great change that starts with “L” and ends with “R”… Do you want to make a guess…?

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Playing the Spy



It happened that I’ve had a fairy goodmother since I was born. Yep, I’m very lucky, I know… Fairy goodmothers can be sometimes unpredictable or be in a very rare (or directly bad) humor because it’s not easy to be what they are but in the end of the day we all want one because no matter how special they aree they take care of us. Do you have a fairy goodmother too? Maybe is it a fairy goodfather? OrThe Goodfather? Let’s share some experiences!

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The Purple Elephant did It

Traducción: Ya puedo usar el baño, ¿no? / ¡¿Qué ha pasado en el baño?! / "roto"

Traducción: Ya puedo usar el baño, ¿no? / ¡¿Qué ha pasado en el baño?! / “roto”

Sometimes I’m a bit… careless? Well, it’s not me really, but things. You know, in the past things were made well and they lasted for centuries, like Versalles or Stonehenge but today… No, today everything is made under planned obsolescence. Do you believe in this? Are you clumsy or you go around in life as agile as a ballet dancer? Let’s confess some… little catastrophes.

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Let’s Dude!


The Big Lebowsky is a film I watched the day before submiting my dissertation. Could it be a more perfect time? While I watched it I was crying because oh Gods, I wanted to be so much like The Dude. Specially because I’m just the opposite. But not proud of it. Did you watch this original film? If you haven’t, go now, I’ll wait…

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Words around my body



Always trying to discover more about myself. I’m the one, as you should be the one in your own lives. However, I still feel I don’t know myself very well. I’ve been so busy imitaing others I thought they could be my inspiration. I was also busy trying to change things I don’t like in myself with more and less success, depending on the topic. I believe I turned into a very disciplined person (I used to be so carefree as a child) and polite (I was really insolent when little) and now I even go running at least three times a week! (I hated sports for such a long time). But those are things I can do with myself, and they don’t make me feel closer to my true essence, my true being. (I’m being very phylosophical today). What are the three ideas you’d stand for? What are the sounds, the smells and tastes you’ll keep with you forever? What do you love most? What do you fear most? What are the three things you did by yourself? In which places are the roads you travel along?

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The only thing I want in this world… a tambourine



Imagine one lovely day a powerful god or similar (let’s say it’s Koneko) appears in front of you. Wow, here it’s, Koneko in all his yellowish glory. Wow, what a surprise! It’s not an invention from this crazy Aislinn, it’s real!!… etc. But that’s not all. Koneko isn’t in front of you for anything. Koneko always have a purpose.

-Hey, Koneko! What’s up?

-Yeah, not so bad. By the way, I’ll come here to make all your wishes true.


-…yep, that’s it. you got it.

So, in that case, what would you ask Koneko for? You can choose between possible and impossible desires and dreams… There’s nothing this yellow cat cannot do! So think carefully about it because I tell you, this is a unique oportunity!

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Do you feel like cooking some… happiness?


What is desired by everyone? Money? Happines? I don’t consider myself materialistic, so I’ll say happiness. But, what the hell is happiness? A kind of Nirvana just some special guys can reach? A state of mind? A way of living? Something you can get through something else? (Like money, sacrifices, by reaching your goals…) What is happines for you? What would you include in your own “happiness recipe”?

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Mutants in Oz



And again let’s talk about cinema. This week I didn’t watch so many films as usual, paradoxically the more free time the worst. I actually spent this last Sunday’s evening sleeping without feeling asleep. Bored to death. I like to think it’s due to the heat but someday I’ll face the true about myself, I’ll sail dark tides of my inner self until discovering the source of all this existential anguish. Someday.

In the mean time, I entertain myself with Hollywood films and more first-rate anime films…

Have you seen any interesting films lately? Any recommendation?

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