New times, new ways but also old stories


CinemaAgain Monday and I know I’ve been forgetting a bit about my Cinema Monday entries but the thing is I chose such a bad time to open my blog… June and the beginning of the Summer did not good for you, my dear readers (nor for me, I must admit) because everyone is messing around, doing all those things they couldn’t do during the academic / working year, resting, travelling… But again September, first day (and Monday, oh my…) so I should get back to my original intention of posting at least three times a week (let it be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). And I’ll take care of this, my first and only section (for the moment) of the blog, Cinema Mondays, and as I delayed it so much I’ll offer today a list of some of the films I watched during the Summer… Did you watch something interesting? I’m those kind of people who actually hide inside the cinema from the unbereable heat of Madrid’s Summer… Do you do the same? Any interesting title you watched recently? Please, let me know as I’m always craving for more interesting stuff to watch!

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“Bien Pegao”, o la venganza del chicle


Translation: “It’s so hot… Why do they switch the air conditioner off in this cinema ?” / “Stuck!!” / “The chewing gum, I mean, I’ve let it stuck in the seat, he, he” / “Niceee! Revengeee!” / “B-but… How could you? What if it was you who sat there?” / “The chewing gum is under the seat” / The chewing gum says “bye”.

Naturalmente nos sucedió de verdad. Estábamos en los cines Renoir Princesa, en Madrid, viendo Un largo viaje (un título estúpidamente cursi para una película que se llama realmente The Railway Man, es decir, El hombre del ferrocarril).  Continue reading