New times, new ways but also old stories


CinemaAgain Monday and I know I’ve been forgetting a bit about my Cinema Monday entries but the thing is I chose such a bad time to open my blog… June and the beginning of the Summer did not good for you, my dear readers (nor for me, I must admit) because everyone is messing around, doing all those things they couldn’t do during the academic / working year, resting, travelling… But again September, first day (and Monday, oh my…) so I should get back to my original intention of posting at least three times a week (let it be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). And I’ll take care of this, my first and only section (for the moment) of the blog, Cinema Mondays, and as I delayed it so much I’ll offer today a list of some of the films I watched during the Summer… Did you watch something interesting? I’m those kind of people who actually hide inside the cinema from the unbereable heat of Madrid’s Summer… Do you do the same? Any interesting title you watched recently? Please, let me know as I’m always craving for more interesting stuff to watch!

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People changes… there’s still hope!


Traducción: Cantando en el metro / Hace 7 años… / I., estudiante modelo en la misma escuela de música que yo. Ella iba a un colegio privado y religioso que tenía monjas, su madre era muy estricta y ella era simpática aunque tímida. / “Perfecta” / ¡Es maravilloso ver como la gente cambia con el tiempo!

It happened I was in the subway when a girl came into my carriage. She was singing quite good a famous Spanish pop song by Fito&Fitipaldis. She was dressed like a boy and she was beautiful in a cheeky way.  Then she asked for money after her little performance and then it was when I recognized her… How you recently met peple for your long forgotten past? How was it?

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Dinosaur’s Salad


Each day, a new story. This is the fossil story. I went to my father’s village for the first time in my concious life. We were climbing a hill when going to a shrine which was located in the middle of the forest. The path was not only steep, but also quite rocky, which was a pity as I was wearing white summer sandals (although I must say these survived that excursion and others which came in the next days). Then we had some conversations about fossils, a topic that my father’s friend from overseas introduced first…

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Words around my body



Always trying to discover more about myself. I’m the one, as you should be the one in your own lives. However, I still feel I don’t know myself very well. I’ve been so busy imitaing others I thought they could be my inspiration. I was also busy trying to change things I don’t like in myself with more and less success, depending on the topic. I believe I turned into a very disciplined person (I used to be so carefree as a child) and polite (I was really insolent when little) and now I even go running at least three times a week! (I hated sports for such a long time). But those are things I can do with myself, and they don’t make me feel closer to my true essence, my true being. (I’m being very phylosophical today). What are the three ideas you’d stand for? What are the sounds, the smells and tastes you’ll keep with you forever? What do you love most? What do you fear most? What are the three things you did by yourself? In which places are the roads you travel along?

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I was wondering…



ideas2 (1)

When I was younger I used to be a very curious child. I was interested in everthing: from Egiptians to the Milky Way. A book about rabbits, a encyclopedia about ants (ants used to fascinating me so much) or a book about magic (from anthropological perspective) were presents I asked for in birthdays. Then it came school years. The lessons were so boring I hid a book under my desk to read while I was prettending to look at my tasks. (Which usually I didn’t do). After, asking the teacher was not cool in highschool. Whenever interesting questions were made (not the typicall “Can you explain that again because I didn’t get it”), specially in the Phylosophy class, bullers would boo the impudent. So I lost my ability (partiallly, I expect) of asking questions… Now, I want to think about things you cannot answer, things that would always be a mistery like who am I? why am I here? what is the point of existance? and such. Do you have any unaswered question?

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