Where the Lannister’s took me


Well hello! I’m here speaking from the underworld… Nah, it’s not like it looks, I promise I haven’t die (yet, I’ll die at some point of my life, that’s for sure). There’s been some kind of absence in my blog though. You might have noticed that (or not) but in any case let me explain myself.

Something happened in my life, a great change that starts with “L” and ends with “R”… Do you want to make a guess…?

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Bon Appétit!

Cinema Welcome to a new entry of my weekly cinema section. This week I just watched one film which which is worth to be mentioned here (the other ones were Iron Man 3 and Monster’s University. I was forced to watch them on the train, it was a long journey but it was not such a bad idea because they helped me to sleep). As last Thursday I watched #Chef I thought about making a little review of films that are related to food so they make you crave culinary delicatessen. So I hope you’ve had dinner, lunch, breakfast or a little something before you read this… And please, feel free to suggest any other film related to food! Continue reading

What a twisted world we live in


This last week I went to the Cinema three times because I found several friends who wanted to come along and that’s why I also experimented with some different styles. Because I love cinema I don’t mind going on my own but sometimes sharing the impressions of the movie with someone afterwards can be so entertaining. It might give you even new ideas about the plot, characters… and so on. So what do you prefer, going with someone or alone? Why?

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Let’s Dude!


The Big Lebowsky is a film I watched the day before submiting my dissertation. Could it be a more perfect time? While I watched it I was crying because oh Gods, I wanted to be so much like The Dude. Specially because I’m just the opposite. But not proud of it. Did you watch this original film? If you haven’t, go now, I’ll wait…

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