Jumping Walls and Fences



Today I did things I wasn’t expecting to do in the first place. I got up really late (for me) almost 9am. I didn’t go running because I thought I deserved some rest after yesterday which was hard in walking and running terms (although satisfactory).

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Words around my body



Always trying to discover more about myself. I’m the one, as you should be the one in your own lives. However, I still feel I don’t know myself very well. I’ve been so busy imitaing others I thought they could be my inspiration. I was also busy trying to change things I don’t like in myself with more and less success, depending on the topic. I believe I turned into a very disciplined person (I used to be so carefree as a child) and polite (I was really insolent when little) and now I even go running at least three times a week! (I hated sports for such a long time). But those are things I can do with myself, and they don’t make me feel closer to my true essence, my true being. (I’m being very phylosophical today). What are the three ideas you’d stand for? What are the sounds, the smells and tastes you’ll keep with you forever? What do you love most? What do you fear most? What are the three things you did by yourself? In which places are the roads you travel along?

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From outside the wall


It was the end of April but in the North there is no Spring. It was just me wondering around lonely places. Miles of dusty pahts and old grass. Ancient trees without leaves, as  senile men without teeth. And the silence, the undeniable host of these lands. While I was pacing the meadows, I stumbled into a goat’s skull. I raised my eyes and I noticed a deer, looking at me from the distance.