Where the Lannister’s took me


Well hello! I’m here speaking from the underworld… Nah, it’s not like it looks, I promise I haven’t die (yet, I’ll die at some point of my life, that’s for sure). There’s been some kind of absence in my blog though. You might have noticed that (or not) but in any case let me explain myself.

Something happened in my life, a great change that starts with “L” and ends with “R”… Do you want to make a guess…?

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The only thing I want in this world… a tambourine



Imagine one lovely day a powerful god or similar (let’s say it’s Koneko) appears in front of you. Wow, here it’s, Koneko in all his yellowish glory. Wow, what a surprise! It’s not an invention from this crazy Aislinn, it’s real!!… etc. But that’s not all. Koneko isn’t in front of you for anything. Koneko always have a purpose.

-Hey, Koneko! What’s up?

-Yeah, not so bad. By the way, I’ll come here to make all your wishes true.


-…yep, that’s it. you got it.

So, in that case, what would you ask Koneko for? You can choose between possible and impossible desires and dreams… There’s nothing this yellow cat cannot do! So think carefully about it because I tell you, this is a unique oportunity!

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Do you feel like cooking some… happiness?


What is desired by everyone? Money? Happines? I don’t consider myself materialistic, so I’ll say happiness. But, what the hell is happiness? A kind of Nirvana just some special guys can reach? A state of mind? A way of living? Something you can get through something else? (Like money, sacrifices, by reaching your goals…) What is happines for you? What would you include in your own “happiness recipe”?

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This wise little yellow thing



I’m not a wise woman at all. Years in school and university have given me intellectual knowledge. I can speak three languages, I’ve read tons of books and I’ve travelled a bit having some interesting experiences. But again, I’m not wise. I haven’t developed that true intelligence about life, the ability of looking at thins from a higher point. I’m usually overhelmed by my own emotions. Nevertheless, I do have a friend who help me in such occasions. Someone I can rely on, someone whose words are like tiny spots of light when I’m lost in the gloomiest night. And now I’d like to introduce this fine creature to you, my dearest friends… but before, Do you have any mentor? Any special friend who always offers you valuable advice? Maybe you rely on your relatives? What is true wisdom for you?

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10 years



Finishing a degree doesn’t feel as something espectacular nowadays. My highschool was located in one of the most insipid suburbs of Madrid. However, in my class there were just few people who didn’t go to university. I think this is because the educational system has been transformed into this boring, predictable path in which you are guided step by step. There is always someone watching you don’t cross it to get lost in the jungle of imagination and free-thinking. So, as I was saying, when you finsih university you don’t listen to angels and cherubs playing harps and singing in great delight for your triumphs. Instead, you hear this hoarse, wicked voice saying: “Well, yeah, and now what?”. And then someone comes and asks you “What do you want to do for a living?” or worse “How do you see yourself after ten years”? 

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